BOREAS CD-ROM Set, 12 disks

J.A. Newcomer, D.R. Landis, S. Conrad, S. Curd, K.F. Huemmrich, D.E. Knapp, A. Morrell, J.E. Nickeson, A. Papagno, D. Rinker, R.F. Strub, T. Twine, F.G. Hall & P.J. Sellers
The BOREAS CD-ROM set is a 12-disk collection containing point data sets and selected image and vector data from the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study, which was conducted during 1994-1996. Additional image and vector data are available on-line through the ORNL DAAC Web site. Cite this CD-ROM set as follows: Newcomer, J., D. Landis, S. Conrad, S. Curd, K. Huemmrich, D. Knapp, A. Morrell, J. Nickeson, A. Papagno, D. Rinker, R. Strub, T. Twine, F. Hall, and...
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