SAFARI 2000 AERONET-derived Diffuse Spectral Irradiance for Eight Core Sites

This data set contains monthly mean values of diffuse irradiance fraction [f(Ediff), or ratio of diffuse-to-total irradiance] at ground level for a 30-degree solar zenith angle and in seven spectral bands (MODIS bands 1-7) as well broadband visible (400-700 nm), near-infrared (700-3000 nm) and shortwave (400-3000 nm). Values are provided for eight SAFARI 2000 core sites, including Ghanzi/Okwa River Crossing, Maun (Main and Floodplain Towers), Pandamatenga, and Tshane, Botswana; Skukuza, South Africa; Etosha National Park,...
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