PH, alkalinity, temperature, salinity and other variables collected from discrete sample and profile observations using Alkalinity titrator, CTD and other instruments from PROFESSOR SIEDLECKI in the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea and others from 1988-11-17 to 1988-11-26 (NCEI Accession 0144306)

Aída F. Ríos &
NCEI Accession 0144306 includes discrete sample and profile data collected from PROFESSOR SIEDLECKI in the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin and Tyrrhenian Sea from 1988-11-17 to 1988-11-26. These data include DISSOLVED OXYGEN, NITRATE, Potential temperature (theta), SALINITY, TOTAL ALKALINITY (TA), WATER TEMPERATURE, pH and silicate. The instruments used to collect these data include Alkalinity titrator, CTD, bottle and pH sensors. These data were collected by Aida F. Ríos of...
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