Carbon dioxide, temperature, salinity and other variables collected via time series monitoring from METEOR, POSEIDON and others in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1995-10-02 to 2009-11-25 (NCEI Accession 0100064)

Melchor González Dávila & J. Magdalena Santana-Casiano
NODC Accession 0100064 includes chemical, physical, time series and underway - surface data collected from METEOR, POSEIDON, TALIARTE and VICTOR HENSEN in the North Atlantic Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean from 1995-10-02 to 2009-11-25 and retrieved during cruise ESTOC cruises. These data include ALKALINITY - TOTAL, CARBON DIOXIDE - PARTIAL PRESSURE (pCO2), DISSOLVED INORGANIC CARBON, SALINITY, SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE and pH. The instruments used to collect these data include Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analyzer and...
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