High-resolution ocean and atmosphere pCO2 time-series measurements from mooring KEO_145E_32N in the North Pacific Ocean (NCEI Accession 0100071)

Adrienne J. Sutton, Christopher L. Sabine, Colin Dietrich, Stacy Maenner Jones, Sylvia Musielewicz, Randy Bott & John Osborne
This NCEI Accession includes chemical, meteorological, physical and time series data collected from KEO_145E_32N in the North Pacific Ocean from 2007-09-26 to 2017-07-15. These data include air-sea difference of partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2), barometric pressure, oxygen, pCO2 in atmosphere, pCO2 in water, sea surface salinity, sea surface temperature and pH on total scale. The instruments used to collect these data include Bubble type equilibrator for autonomous carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement, Carbon dioxide (CO2)...
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