Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation Change across the Savannas of West Africa, 1982-2013

J.Y. Anchang, L. Prihodko, A.T. Kaptue, C.W. Ross, W. Ji, S.S. Kumar, B. Lind, M.A. Sarr, A.A. Diouf & N.P. Hanan
The WAVeTrends dataset is a 0.05 degree (5.55 km) vegetation change product, spanning the West African Sudano-Sahel region. It provides pixel-wise information on concurrent woody and herbaceous vegetation trends over a 32-year period (1982-2013). Change in woody vegetation was derived using long-term rain use efficiency (RUE) sensitivity, i.e., the per-pixel comparison of the difference of mean RUE between the first and last decades of the 32-year time series. Herbaceous vegetation change was defined by short-term...
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