Field data and fractional cover maps of vegetation across tundra fire gradients, AK

G. Frost, L.B. Saperstein, P.R. Nelson, D.P. Paradis & J.D. Rochester
Field data were collected 18-31 July 2017 in Arctic tundra across gradients of wildfire history in the Izaviknek Hills, central Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. The field data include: 1. Vegetation species-composition and cover collected using a point-intercept sampling approach 2. Vegetation heights (maximum height of shrubs and herbs) 3. Leaf Area Index (LAI) measurements 4. Permafrost thaw-depth measurements 5. Soil moisture measurements 6. Soils and geomorphology descriptions 7. Spatial locations of field plots 8. Landscape photographs
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