AfriSAR: Gridded Forest Biomass and Canopy Metrics Derived from LVIS, Gabon, 2016

J. Armston, H. Tang, S. Hancock, S. Marselis, L. Duncanson, J. Kellner, M. Hofton, J.B. Blair, T. Fatoyinbo & R.O. Dubayah
This dataset contains gridded forest characterization products derived from full-waveform lidar data acquired by NASA's airborne Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor (LVIS) instrument for five forested sites in Gabon, Africa, during the 2016 NASA-ESA AfriSAR campaign. The LVIS lidar instrument was flown over study sites in Lope, Mondah/Akanda, Pongara, Rabi, and Mabouni from February to March 2016. Derived canopy cover, canopy heights, bare ground elevation, plant area index (PAI), and foliage height diversity (FHD), and...
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