2-km resolution oversampled NH3 data

Rui Wang, Xuehui Guo, Da Pan, James Kelly, Jesse Bash, Kang Sun, Fabien Paulot, Lieven Clarisse, Martin Van Damme, Simon Whitburn, Pierre-François Coheur, Cathy Clerbaux & Mark Zondlo
Monthly, high resolution (~2 km) ammonia (NH3) column maps from the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) were developed across the contiguous United States and adjacent areas. Ammonia hotspots (95th percentile of the column distribution) were highly localized with a characteristic length scale of 12 km and median area of 152 km2. Five seasonality classes were identified with k-means++ clustering. The Midwest and eastern United States had a broad, spring maximum of NH3 (67% of hotspots...
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