Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Events

Joshua Kotin, Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Carl Adair, Priyanka Aiyer, Serena Alagappan, Paige Allen, Jean Bauer, OJ Browne, Nicholas Budak, Harriet Calver, Robert Chiossi, Jin Yun Chow, Iliyah Coles, Ian Davis, Gissoo Doroudian, Currie Engel, Violet Gautreau, Alex Gjaja, Elspeth Green, Isaac Hart, Benjamin Hicks, Samuel Himmelfarb, Madeleine Joelson, Fedor Karmanov, Carolyn Kelly … & Clifford Wulfman
The Shakespeare and Company Project: Lending Library Events dataset includes information about approximately 35,000 lending library events including membership activities such as subscriptions, renewals and reimbursements and book-related activities such as borrowing and purchasing. For events related to lending library cards that are available as digital surrogates, IIIF links are provided.
2 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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