Distinct cytoskeletal proteins define zones of enhanced cell wall synthesis in Helicobacter pylori

Jenny A. Taylor, Benjamin P. Bratton, Sophie R. Sichel, Kris M. Blair, Holly M. Jacobs, Kristen E. DeMeester, Erkin Kuru, Joe Gray, Jacob Biboy, Michael S. VanNieuwenhze, Waldemar Vollmer, Catherine L. Grimes, Joshua W. Shaevitz & Nina R. Salama
Helical cell shape is necessary for efficient stomach colonization by Helicobacter pylori, but the molecular mechanisms for generating helical shape remain unclear. We show that the helical centerline pitch and radius of wild-type H. pylori cells dictate surface curvatures of considerably higher positive and negative Gaussian curvatures than those present in straight- or curved-rod bacteria. Quantitative 3D microscopy analysis of short pulses with either N-acetylmuramic acid or D-alanine metabolic probes showed that cell wall growth...
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