Nanomolar Binding of Peptides Containing Noncanonical Amino Acids by a Synthetic Receptor

Leigh A. Logsdon, Christopher L. Schardon, Vijayakumar Ramalingam, Sharon K. Kwee & Adam R. Urbach
This paper describes the molecular recognition of phenylalanine derivatives and their peptides by the synthetic receptor cucurbit[7]uril (Q7). The 4-tert-butyl and 4-aminomethyl derivatives of phenylalanine (tBuPhe and AMPhe) were identified from a screen to have 20–30-fold higher affinity than phenylalanine for Q7. Placement of these residues at the N-terminus of model tripeptides (X-Gly-Gly), resulted in no change in affinity for tBuPhe-Gly-Gly, but a remarkable 500-fold increase in affinity for AMPhe-Gly-Gly, which bound to Q7 with...
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