Dichlormethan, Trichlormethan, Tetrachlormethan, 1,2‑Dichlorethan, 1,1,1‑Trichlorethan, Trichlorethen und Tetrachlorethen – Bestimmung von chlorierten Kohlenwasserstoffen in Blut mittels Headspace‑GC-MS

Thomas Göen, Johannes Müller, Bernd Roßbach, Kerstin Lüddens-Dämgen, Thomas Göen, Andrea Hartwig &
The working group “Analyses in Biological Materials“ of the Permanent Senate Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area developed and verified the presented biomonitoring method.The analytical method described herein allows the simultaneous determination of dichloromethane, trichloromethane, tetrachloromethane, 1,2‑dichloroethane, 1,1,1‑trichloroethane, trichloroethene, and tetrachloroethene in blood. For determination, the blood samples are filled into sealed headspace sample vials and heated to 50 °C in a headspace-autosampler. Afterwards, an aliquot is...
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