SOOT-SEA : Impact of Black Carbon in South East Asia

Xavier Mari, Gaelle Uzu, Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, Pamela Dominutti, Sandrine Chifflet, Marc Tedetti, Catherine Guigue, Léa Guyomarc’h , Lars-Eric Heimburger & Patrick Raimbault
The scientific objectives of the project SOOT-SEA the objectives of this study in northern Vietnam are to determine: - (1) the composition of fine particles in order to assess their health, climatic and environmental impacts, - (2) their origin, both geographical and sectoral, - (3) atmospheric deposition fluxes, - (4) fluvial fluxes of black carbon towards the ocean. Study carried out during a complete annual cycle (weekly frequency). Aerosols were sampled for 24 hours using...
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