Global Hybrid Simulations of Interaction Between Interplanetary Rotational Discontinuity and Bow Shock/Magnetosphere: Can Ion-Scale Magnetic Reconnection be Driven by Rotational Discontinuity Downstream of Quasi-Parallel Shock?

Zhifang Guo, Yu Lin & X Wang
Ion-scale magnetic reconnection has been observed downstream of the terrestrial quasi-parallel (Q-parallel to) shock. Whether it is driven by interplanetary discontinuities or turbulent Q-parallel to shock, however, is unclear. Using three-dimensional global hybrid simulation, we investigate the generation of magnetic reconnection downstream of the Q-parallel to shock, while an interplanetary rotational discontinuity (RD) is launched to the bow shock. Cases with various solar wind Alfven Mach numbers, M-A = 3.0 to 8, and propagation directions...
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