Population Demographics of Hiodon tergisus (Mooneye) in the Lower Tallapoosa River

Costas T. Katechis, Peter C. Sakaris & Elise R. Irwin
We describe age structure, growth, and fecundity of Hiodon tergisus (Mooneye) from the lower Tallapoosa River, AL. Mooneye (N = 49, 214–316 mm total length, 79–284 g) were aged using otoliths, and a von Bertalanffy growth model was derived for the species (L∞ = 316, K = 0.285, to = −0.7). Growth rates of Mooneye differed between the Tallapoosa River population and a previously studied population from the northern extent of the species' range (Assiniboine...
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