Magnetosheath Reconnection Before Magnetopause Reconnection Driven by Interplanetary Tangential Discontinuity: A Three-Dimensional Global Hybrid Simulation With Oblique Interplanetary Magnetic Field

Zhifang Guo, Yu Lin, Xueyi Wang & Aimin Du
Terrestrial dayside dynamics associated with a southward turning, oblique interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) carried by an interplanetary tangential discontinuity (TD) is investigated by performing a three-dimensional global-scale hybrid simulation systematically for cases in which the incoming solar wind TD possesses various magnetic field rotation angles Delta Phi = 90 degrees to 180 degrees and half widths w = 2d(i0) to w = 30d(i0) where d(i0), is the ion inertial length in the solar wind. Overall,...
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