Trapped and precipitating protons in the inner magnetosphere as seen by IMAGE

J Perez, X Zhang, P Brandt, D Mitchell, J Jahn, C Pollock & S Mende
[1] Images from the IMAGE satellite of precipitating protons (SU12/FUV) and trapped protons at 8.5 (MENA) and 33 keV (HENA) are compared during three periods: ( 1) 12 August 2000 from 1000 UT to 1145 UT just after the peak of a strong geomagnetic storm, ( 2) 2 June 2001 from 0100 to 0345 UT during the main phase and initial recovery of a weak storm, and ( 3) 18 June 2001 from 1400 to...
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