Technical Note: Chemistry-climate model SOCOL: version 2.0 with improved transport and chemistry/microphysics schemes

M. Schraner, Eugene Rozanov, Christina Schnadt Poberaj, Patricia Kenzelmann, A.M. Fischer, V. Zubov, Beiping P. Luo, Christopher R. Hoyle, T. Egorova, Stephan Fueglistaler, Stefan Brönnimann, Werner Schmutz & Thomas Peter
We describe version 2.0 of the chemistry-climate model (CCM) SOCOL. The new version includes fundamental changes of the transport scheme such as transporting all chemical species of the model individually and applying a family-based correction scheme for mass conservation for species of the nitrogen, chlorine and bromine groups, a revised transport scheme for ozone, furthermore more detailed halogen reaction and deposition schemes, and a new cirrus parameterisation in the tropical tropopause region. By means of...
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