Ultrathin Tropical Tropopause Clouds (UTTCs): II. Stabilization mechanisms

Beiping P. Luo, Thomas Peter, Heini Wernli, Stephan Fueglistaler, M. Wirth, C. Kiemle, H. Flentje, V.A. Yushkov, V. Khattatov, V. Rudakov, A. Thomas, S. Borrmann, G. Toci, P. Mazzinghi, J. Beuermann, C. Schiller, F. Cairo, G. Di Don-Francesco, A. Adriani, C.M. Volk, J. Strom, K. Noone, V. Mitev, A.R. MacKenzie, K.S. Carslaw … & L. Stefanutti
Mechanisms by which subvisible cirrus clouds (SVCs) might contribute to dehydration close to the tropical tropopause are not well understood. Recently Ultrathin Tropical Tropopause Clouds (UTTCs) with optical depths around 10-4 have been detected in the western Indian ocean. These clouds cover thousands of square kilometers as 200-300 m thick distinct and homogeneous layer just below the tropical tropopause. In their condensed phase UTTCs contain only 1-5% of the total water, and essentially no nitric...
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