Designer exosomes produced by implanted cells intracerebrally deliver therapeutic cargo for Parkinson's disease treatment

Ryosuke Kojima, Daniel Bojar, Giorgio Rizzi, Ghislaine Charpin-El Hamri, Marie D. El-Baba, Pratik Saxena, Simon Ausländer, Kelly R. Tan & Martin Fussenegger
Exosomes are cell-derived nanovesicles (50–150 nm), which mediate intercellular communication, and are candidate therapeutic agents. However, inefficiency of exosomal message transfer, such as mRNA, and lack of methods to create designer exosomes have hampered their development into therapeutic interventions. Here, we report a set of EXOsomal transfer into cells (EXOtic) devices that enable efficient, customizable production of designer exosomes in engineered mammalian cells. These genetically encoded devices in exosome producer cells enhance exosome production, specific...
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