D-Alanine-Controlled Transient Intestinal Mono-Colonization with Non-Laboratory-Adapted Commensal E. coli Strain HS

Miguelangel Cuenca, Simona P. Pfister, Stefanie Buschor, Firuza Bayramova, Sara B. Hernandez, Felipe Cava, Erkin Kuru, Michael S. Van Nieuwenhze, Yves V. Brun, Fernanda M. Coelho & Siegfried Hapfelmeier
Soon after birth the mammalian gut microbiota forms a permanent and collectively highly resilient consortium. There is currently no robust method for re-deriving an already microbially colonized individual again-germ-free. We previously developed the in vivo growth-incompetent E. coli K-12 strain HA107 that is auxotrophic for the peptidoglycan components D-alanine (D-Ala) and meso-diaminopimelic acid (Dap) and can be used to transiently associate germ-free animals with live bacteria, without permanent loss of germ-free status. Here we describe...
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