Large area photonic crystal quantum cascade laser with 5 W surface-emitting power

Zhixin Wang, Yong Liang, Bo Meng, Yan-Ting Sun, Giriprasanth Omanakuttan, Emilio Gini, Mattias Beck, Ilia Sergachev, Sebastian Lourdudoss, Jérome Faist & Giacomo Scalari
Room temperature surface emission is realized on a large area (1.5 mm × 1.5 mm) photonic crystal quantum cascade laser (PhC-QCL) driven under pulsed mode, at the wavelength around 8.75 μm. By introducing in-plane asymmetry to the pillar shape and optimizing the current injection with a grid-like window contact, the maximum peak power of the PhC-QCL is up to 5 W. The surface emitting beam has a crossing shape with 10° divergence.
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