Molybdenum carbide and oxycarbide from carbon-supported MoO3 nanosheets: phase evolution and DRM catalytic activity assessed by TEM and in situ XANES/XRD methods

Alexey Kurlov, Xing Huang, Evgeniya B. Deeva, Paula M. Abdala, Alexey Fedorov & Christoph R. Müller
Molybdenum carbide (β-Mo2C) supported on carbon spheres was prepared via a carbothermal hydrogen reduction (CHR) method from delaminated nanosheets of molybdenum(vi) oxide (d-MoO3/C). The carburization process was followed by combined in situ XANES/XRD analysis revealing the formation of molybdenum oxycarbide Mo2CxOy as an intermediate phase during the transformation of d-MoO3/C to β-Mo2C/C. It was found that Mo2CxOy could not be completely carburized to β-Mo2C under a He atmosphere at 750 °C, instead a reduction in...
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