Tuning Single-Molecule Conductance in Metalloporphyrin-Based Wires via Supramolecular Interactions

Albert C. Aragonès, Alejandro Martín‐Rodríguez, Daniel Aravena, Josep Puigmartí-Luis, David B. Amabilino, Núria Aliaga‐Alcalde, Arántzazu González-Campo, Eliseo Ruiz & Ismael Díez‐Pérez
Nature has developed supramolecular constructs to deliver outstanding charge-transport capabilities using metalloporphyrin-based supramolecular arrays. Herein we incorporate simple, naturally inspired supramolecular interactions via the axial complexation of metalloporphyrins into the formation of a single-molecule wire in a nanoscale gap. Small structural changes in the axial coordinating linkers result in dramatic changes in the transport properties of the metalloporphyrin-based wire. The increased flexibility of a pyridine-4-yl-methanethiol ligand due to an extra methyl group, as compared to...
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