Coral Reef Monitoring by Scuba Divers Using Underwater Photogrammetry and Geodetic Surveying

Erica Nocerino, Fabio Menna, Armin Grün, Matthias Troyer, Alessandro Capra, Cristina Castagnetti, Paolo Rossi, Andrew J. Brooks, Russell J. Schmitt & Sally J. Holbrook
Underwater photogrammetry is increasingly being used by marine ecologists because of its ability to produce accurate, spatially detailed, non-destructive measurements of benthic communities, coupled with affordability and ease of use. However, independent quality control, rigorous imaging system set-up, optimal geometry design and a strict modeling of the imaging process are essential to achieving a high degree of measurable accuracy and resolution. If a proper photogrammetric approach that enables the formal description of the propagation of...
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