Numerically Simulating the Carbonate Mineralization of Basalt with the Injection of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Deep Saline Aquifers

M. D. White, B. P. McGrail, H. T. Schaef, Y. Fang & M. D. White
The principal mechanisms for the geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers include geological structural trapping, hydrological entrapment of nonwetting fluids, aqueous phase dissolution and ionization, and geochemical sorption and mineralization. In sedimentary saline aquifers the dominant mechanisms are structural and dissolution trapping, with moderate to weak contributions from hydrological and geochemical trapping; where, hydrological trapping occurs during the imbibition of aqueous solution into pore spaces occupied by gaseous carbon dioxide, and geochemical...
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