Constraining a 2D/3D density dependent saltwater intrusion model using time-lapse electrical imaging data

Arni Antonsson, Peter Engesgaard, P.I. Meldrum, Andreas Kemna, Frederic Nguyen, Oliver Kuras, R.D. Ogilvy, Jose Gisbert, Sara Jorreto, Fransisco Sanchez Martos, Antonio Pulido-Bosch & Arni Antonsson
In groundwater model development, calibration is one of the critical aspects that determine its reliability and applicability in terms of e.g. system (hydrogeological) understanding, groundwater quality predictions, and general use in water resources context. The result of a groundwater model calibration is determined by different factors, where both data quantity and quality is of crucial importance. A density dependent saltwater intrusion model has been established for a coastal aquifer in Almeria, SE Spain, where hydraulic...
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