A Serendipitous, Long-term Infiltration Experiment: Water and Radionuclide Circulation Beneath the CAMBRIC Trench at the Nevada Test Site.

Reed Maxwell, Andrew Tompson, Steven Carle, Mavrik Zavarin, Stefan Kollet & Reed Maxwell
Underground atomic weapons testing at the Nevada Test Site introduced numerous radionuclides that may be used to characterize subsurface hydrologic transport processes in arid climates. Beginning in 1975, groundwater adjacent to the CAMBRIC test, conducted beneath Frenchman Flat in 1965, was pumped steadily for 16 years to elicit experimental information on the migration of residual radioactivity through the saturated zone. Radionuclides in the pumping well effluent, including tritium, 36Cl, and 85Kr, were extensively monitored prior...
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