A two-scale percolation approach to compute the effective two-phase flow coefficients of heterogeneous porous media in the general case of a shear-thinning nonwetting fluid

Christos Tsakiroglou & Christos Tsakiroglou
Mechanistic simulators of the two-phase flow in pore networks (length scale~1 cm) have widely been used to determine the effective transport coefficients (e.g. capillary pressure curve-Pc, relative permeability curve of wetting phase-krw and nonwetting phase-krnw, resistivity index-IR) of macroscopically homogeneous porous media. However, in the classical 1-scale approach, very large networks, complicated algorithms and enormous computational effort are required to (1) simulate the up- scaled multiphase transport coefficients of macroscopically heterogeneous porous media (length scale~1...
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