Towards a better knowledge and management of infiltration and exfiltration in sewer systems: the APUSS project

J. L. Bertrand-Krajewski, M. A. Cardosa, B. Ellis, T. Frehmann, M. Giulianelli, W. Gujer, P. Krebs, Z. Pliska, J. Pollert & K. Pryl
Sewer systems constitute a very significant patrimony in European cities. Their structural quality and functional efficiency are key parameters to guarantee the transfer of domestic and trade wastewater to treatment plants without infiltration nor exfiltration. Infiltration of groundwater is particularly detrimental to treatment plant efficiency, while exfiltration of wastewater can lead to groundwater contamination. During the period 2001-2004, the European research project APUSS (Assessing infiltration and exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems) was...
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