Optimizing Montana\342\200\231s model to permit urban drainage in humid tropical environment: the case of Abidjan (C\303\264te d\342\200\231Ivoire)

K. Dongo, M. Diamand\303\251, G. Ciss\303\251, M. Tanner & J. Bi\303\251mi
ABSTRACT In sub-Saharan Africa, the "hygienic" model used in urban drainage is faced with constraints in humid tropical environment, subjected to a high level of climatic variability. In C\303\264te d\342\200\231Ivoire adapting Montana's rain model is not satisfactory for certain time slots (Peuch and Gonni, 1984) whereas this model includes the Caquot's rate-of-flow model used in urban drainage. This work aims at optimizing and designing models which best simulate tropical downpours and help in calculations relating...
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