Full scale testing of enhanced local treatment of CSOs enabling a cost-efficient implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive

N.K. Andersen, P. Hallager, A. Laustsen, J.B. Nielsen, N.T.D Kristensen, P. Nordemann, W. Rauch, G.G. Nielsen & K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen
There is a definite need for full-scale applications on which to judge the efficiency of novel processes for local treatment of combined sewer overflows (CSO). Three full-scale facilities are constructed to study typical types of CSO discharges: 1) Discharges from small upstream catchments to small watercourses, 2) Discharges from larger catchments to larger surface water, and 3) Discharges to marine coastal waters where bathing is permitted. The paper outlines the proposed technologies and discusses the...
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