the process of implementing CDIO principles at DTU architectural engineering

Lotte Bjerregaard Jensen, Toke Rammer Nielsen, Henrik Almegaard, Hans Peter Nielsen, Michael Jørgensen, Morten Toft Jensen, Teresa Surzucka Surzucka, Per Kjæerby, Kurt Kielsgaard, Nina Gall Jørgensen & Vibeke Møgelvang
The paper will relate to a possible CDIO demonstration session. The paper outlines the process of implementing CDIO principles in a design oriented engineering diploma programme. On the one hand the focus on integrated design implicitly holds qualities parallel to those of CDIO - the curriculum integration, the focus on design-build etc. But there are also difficulties expecialy concerning the 'operation' part of the CDIO principles and several of the generative skills. CDIO has provided...
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