Evaluation of MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry detection of DNA noncovalent complexes with basic polypeptides or polyamines

Peran Terrier, Jeanine Tortajada, Gregoire Zin & Wiliam Buchmann
In this work, MALDI-MS was evaluated as a method for the study of noncovalent complexes involving DNA and basic polypeptides (penta-L-arginine, penta-L-lysine) or polyamines (polypropylenimine dendrimers, linear and branched polyethylenimines).

1 Related Work

Mass Spectrometry methods for the analysis of synthetic polymers and DNA noncovalent complexes

Wiliam Buchmann
In this work, the performance of mass spectrometry will be investigated for the analysis of industrial polymers (polyethers; polysiloxanes, and copolymers of siloxanes) and noncovalent complexes( DNA and polypeptides or polyamines).

Publication Year

  • 2010

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