Women International Space Simulation for Exploration (WISE)

Bernard Jasmin & Angèle Chopard
Based in Toulouse (France), Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology develop an expertise in the medical supervision of manned flights and the preparations for future interplanetary manned missions. It undertakes experiments which simulate the effects of the Space environment (involving bed rest, confinement, circadian rhythms, etc) in order to study its physiological effects. Space exploration and interplanetary travel requires that humans be confronted with extended durations of space environment and weightlessness. From a few days...

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Woman skeletal muscle transcriptome with bed rest and countermeasures

Angèle Chopard, Martine Lecunff, Richard Danger, Guillaume Lamirault, Audrey Bihouee, Raluca Teusan, Bernard Jasmin, Jean-François Marini & Jean Leger
Microgravity has a dramatic impact on human physiology, illustrated in particular with skeletal muscle impairment. A thorough understanding of the mechanisms leading to loss of muscle mass and structural disorders is necessary for the definition of efficient clinical and spaceflight countermeasures. We investigated the effects of long-term bed rest on transcriptome of soleus (SOL) and vastus lateralis (VL) muscles in healthy women (BRC group, n=8), and the potential beneficial impact of protein supplementation (BRN group,...

Publication Year

  • 2010

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