Multivariable field trial data sets of organic and extensive cropping systems for agro-ecosystem modelling in 1992-1998 from Müncheberg,Germany

Wilfried Mirschel, Karl-Otto Wenkel, Kurt-Christian Kersebaum, Martin Wegehenkel, Sigrid Dittmar, Karin Luzi, Carola Voigt & Liane Laacke
A multi-year (1993-1998) coherent data-set for a four-field crop rotation (sugar beet - winter wheat - winter barley - winter rye - catch crop) under organic and extensive cropping systems located at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) Experimental Station, Müncheberg, Germany, is documented in detail. The experiment targets crop rotaion response to different cropping systems at sandy soils (Eutric Cambisol) taking into account rain-fed and irrigated conditions. Weather, soil and crop processes...
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