NCBF1: UW Non-Seismic Conetrically Braced Frame (NCBF) with Welded Continuous Shear Tab and Non-Ductile HSS Brace

Dan Sloat, Charles Roeder, Dawn Lehman & Jeffrey Berman
This specimen consisted of a single-bay one-story concentrically braced frame with single-diagonal bracing. The frame was intended to be representative of existing non-seismic concentrically braced frames (NCBFs) with continuous welded shear tab connections at brace-beam-column intersections. The braces and connections were deficient with respect to the 2010 AISC Seismic Provisions. The HSS brace did not meet the compactness limit for highly ductile members required for SCBFs (b/t = 27.0 > 13.8). Connection deficiencies included gusset...
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