Chemotypes of Algerian and Moroccan Thymus ciliatus

H. Cherchar, D. Berrehal, A. Khalfallah, A. Kabouche & Z. Kabouche
Essential oils compositions of hydrodistilled fresh aerial parts of Thymus ciliatus (Lamiaceae), growing in various soils of Algeria and Morocco with different climates, are compared here. Carvacrol (0.2-80.3%), p-cymene (0.8-19.6%), γ-terpinene (0.2-14.6%), thymol (0.2-79.1%), camphor (7.5%), α-pinene (8.7%), α-terpinene (12.3%), trans-β-ocimene (25.8%) and nerolidol (6.9%) were the main components of the studied essential oils.
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