Studies in use of coir fiber in blend of ethylene Propylene diene Rubber and Polypropylene

A. Vasudeo Rane, V. K. Abitha, K. Rajkumar & Chandresh D
Thermoplastic elastomers are a special class of polymeric materials that combine the propertiesof thermo plasticity during processing and rubber-like behaviour in service. They can beprocessed in conventional plastic processing equipment, such as twin screw extruders, internalbatch mixers, extruders and injection moulding machine, but exhibit vulcanized rubber likeultimate properties (i.e. long-range reversible extensibility) immediately on cooling.Dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic fibrous composites based on melt processed hybridethylene-propylene diene rubber (EPDM)/maleic anhydride (MA) grafting and polypropylene(PP) with coir fibers...
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