Decolorization of Basic Red 5 in aqueous solution by Advanced Oxidation Process using Fenton’s reagent

A. Jaafar, A. Boussaoud, K. Azzaoui, E. Mejdoubi, A. Chetouani, B. Hammouti, M. Berrabah & A. Lamhamdi
Fenton reagent was employed to decolorize the aqueous solution containing a dye (Basic Red 5). The effects of initial FeSO4 concentration, initial dye concentration and initial H2O2 concentration on the decolorization of Basic red 5 were investigated. The decolorization efficiency increase with the rise of FeSO4 concentration and H2O2 concentration. However the decolonization efficiency was decreased with increase of dye concentration. The optimal operation parameters for the Fenton oxidation of Basic Red 5 were [H2O2]0...
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