Two tripodal pyrazolic ligands: application against corrosion of mild steel in HCl 1M

Y. Kaddouri, A. Takfaoui, M. Lamsayah, M. El Azzouzi, R. Boyaala, A. Chetouani, A. Zarrouk, B. Hammouti & R. Touzani
Two tripodal pyrazolic ligands: N,N-bis((3,5-diméthyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methy)-2,4-difluoroaniline (2Fpyr 1) and N,N-bis((1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methyl)-2,4-difluoroaniline (2Fpyr 2) were synthetized in good yiels. Then we applied them against corrosion of mild steel in HCl 1M solution. Weight loss measurement give us the inhibition efficiencies values reached 80.2 % for 2Fpyr1 and 77.3 % for 2Fpyr 2 at the concentration 10-3, then by changing the temperature from 313K to 343 K, which give us the activation and adsorption parameters, and we reveal from...
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