Electrochemical and thermodynamic study of the inhibitory efficacy of Methanol extracts of the Rind and Leaves of Grapefruit plant on the corrosion of carbon steel in an acidic medium

A. Batah, A. Anejjar, M. Belkhaouda, L. Bammou, R. Salghi, L. Bazzi, B. Hammouti &
The inhibition potentials of methanol extracts of leaves (GFL) and rind (GFR) of Grapefruit plant was investigated by evaluating the corrosion behaviour of carbon steel metal immersed in 1.0 M HCl solution containing various concentrations of the extracts. Electrochemical technical, Gravimetric measurements and adsorption characterization were utilized to evaluate the corrosion inhibition and adsorption properties of the extracts. The results revealed that the studied extracts were efficient inhibitors of corrosion in carbon steel immersed in...
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