PSP FIELDS Fluxgate Magnetometer (MAG) Magnetic Field Vectors, Spacecraft, SC, Coordinates, 4 samples/cycle, Level 2 (L2), 3.413 ms Data

Stuart D. Bale, Robert J. MacDowall, Andriy Koval, Marc Pulupa, Timothy Quinn & Peter Schroeder
Parker Solar Probe FIELDS Instrument Suite Fluxgate Magnetometer, MAG, Data: The time resolution of the MAG time series data varies with instrument mode ranging from 2.289 samples/s to 292.9 samples/s. These two data sampling rates corresponding to 2 samples or 256 samples per 0.874 s where 0.874 s is equal to 2^25 divided 38.4 MHz. The Magnetometer has four ranges: ±1024 nT, ±4096 nT, ±16,384 nT, and ±65,536 nT. The Magnetometer Range is selected by...
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