PSP FIELDS Digital Fields Board (DFB) DC-coupled Searchcoil Magnetometer, SCM, Cross Spectra, e-component, f-component, High Gain, Sensor coordinates, Level 2 (L2), 0.873813 s Data

Stuart D. Bale, Thierry Dudok de Wit, David M. Malaspina, Alexandros Chasapis, Marc Pulupa, Timothy Quinn & Peter Schroeder
PSP FIELDS Digital Fields Board (DFB), SCMXlfhg ⨯ SCMXlfhg cross spectra data: The DFB is the low frequency, less than 75 kHz, component of the FIELDS experiment on the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft. For a full description of the FIELDS experiment. DFB DC cross spectra data for a pair of input channels consist of: Power spectral densities, Real and imaginary parts of the spectral cross term, Coherence, and Phase where all as a function of...
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