Replication Data for: Investigating the Impact of Brief Outings on the Welfare of Dogs Living in US Shelters

Lisa M. Gunter, Rachel J. Gilchrist, Emily M. Blade, Rebecca T. Barber, Erica N. Feuerbacher, JoAnna M. Platzer & Clive D. L. Wynne
Social isolation likely contributes to reduced welfare for shelter-living dogs. Several studies have established that time out of the kennel with a person can improve dogs’ behavior and reduce physiological measures of stress. This study assessed the effects of two-and-a-half-hour outings on the urinary cortisol levels and activity of dogs as they awaited adoption at four animal shel-ters. Dogs’ urine was collected before and after outings for cortisol:creatinine analysis, and ac-celerometer devices were used to...
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