On Mesozoic uplifts along the SW edge of the East European Craton – new insight from regional onshore (PolandSPAN) and offshore (BalTec) seismic reflection data from Poland

Piotr Krzywiec , Łukasz Słonka , Aleksandra Stachowska , Quang Nguyen , Michał Malinowski , Christian Huebscher , Regina Kramarska & Niklas Ahlrichs
East European Craton (EEC) in Poland has been recently studied by onshore PolandSPAN and offshore BalTec regional seismic surveys. PolandSPAN data imaged earliest Late Jurassic, earliest Late Cretaceous and mid-Late Cretaceous laterally extensive unconformities that document hitherto unknown substantial uplifts of the SW edge of the EEC. Cretaceous unconformities might have been formed as a result of inversion-induced buckling of the cratonic edge. BalTec offshore survey was acquired within the transition zone between the Paleozoic...
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