Unraveling sub-seismic interwell-scale facies heterogeneity of Late Jurassic Arab D Member - Clues from outcrop analogue study to develop high-resolution reservoir models

Gaurav Siddharth Gairola, Pankaj Khanna, Ahmad Ihsan Ramdani & Volker Vahrenkamp
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Even though the Late Jurassic Arab-D reservoir is the most prolific oil-producing and one of the most studied intervals in the world, it is a major challenge resolving sub-seismic interwell-scale heterogeneities. In the subsurface, in addition to depositional heterogeneities, diagenetic alteration of depositional fabric developed five distinct dolomite types. They vary highly in reservoir properties ranging from flow baffle to Super K further adding complexity...
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