Sedimentology of the Bromacker (Thuringian Forest Basin, Germany; early Permian): Classification of sedimentary structures

Frank Scholze
The Thuringian Forest Basin (southern Thuringia, central Germany) is composed of volcanic and sedimentary rocks belonging to the Gehren Subgroup and the Rotliegend Group of late Carboniferous–early Permian age. The ~8x10 km wide main part of the Tambach-Dietharz (sub-)basin contains the Tambach Formation, which is characterized by red-bed deposits of early Permian (Artinskian) age. Lithostratigraphically, the Tambach Formation can be subdivided into three members, in ascending stratigraphic order: Bielstein Conglomerate, Tambach Sandstone, Finsterbergen Conglomerate. So...
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