ICDP Project DOVE (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys): Seismic surveys across the sites

Thomas Burschil , Hermann Buness , Anna-Catharina Brandt , David C. Tanner , Gerald Gabriel , Ulrike Wielandt-Schuster & Jürgen Reitnerr
The panalpine project "DOVE" (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys), co-funded by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), is drilling a series of overdeepened glacial troughs around the Alps that were formed by subglacial erosion during past glaciations. The sedimentary fill of these troughs, consisting of multiple stacked and nested glacial sequences, provides the best archives of when and where glaciers reached the Alpine forelands. The combined data from all DOVE sites comprising synchronous or asynchronous...
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